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The Bible Society of Nigeria is a non-profit-making interdenominational Christian organization whose sole mission is to meet the scriptural needs of every Nigerian in general, Christian Churches and Confessions in particular and to help people interact with the word of God.

BSN is not a Church and does not have bias for or against any particular Church denomination. We serve the Churches by providing the Bible which they need in their task of soul winning. We are partners with the Churches in fulfillment of the Great Commission.
We strive to break any known barrier that makes the word of God inaccessible to Christians.

This we do by translating the Bible into different Nigerian Languages, publishing and distributing them. We also make the Bibles available on cassettes for those who cannot read. Through this, we believe, every Christian should be able to interact with God unhindered. While the Churches win souls, we ensure that the Bible is available for Christians to sustain their salvation as they read and abide by its injunctions.

In collaboration with the Churches, we organize yearly, “Bible Week Celebration” where we celebrate the gift of the Bible. We also organize “Bible Reading Marathon” where Christians have opportunity to interact with the Bible by reading publicly any version or translation of their choice.


It is our earnest desire to make the Bible available in all Nigerian Languages, but we are constrained by insufficient funds. It costs a minimum of N40 million to finish a translation project. We absorb this translation cost through donations. At the moment 11 translation projects are ongoing. So far we have translated and published the complete Bible in 26 Nigerian languages, 60 Languages in New Testament and one book or another in 98 languages. Nigerian has 500 languages, so the work continues. This is one of the reasons why we do fund-raising.