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The Bible Society of Nigeria

Why Everyone Deserves the Holy Bible in their Language

BSN Bible Translation Project
Renowned Austrian Philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein postulated that “the limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” When the Bible, God’s own Word to mankind, is not available in a language people can understand, it limits them. It limits them from accessing the wealth of God’s blessings and promises for their lives as contained in the Word of God. David, describing the importance of the Word of God in his life, averred that “thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalm 119:105.
Thus, people without the Bible in the language they understand live in darkness and are bereft of the knowledge of the awesome transforming power of the Word of God.
In Nigeria, over 500 indigenous languages are being spoken. However, The Bible Society of Nigeria has only been able to translate the Bible into 27 indigenous languages. The implication of this is that millions of people still live their lives without an understanding of the Bible for themselves.
Therefore, the urgent mission of The Bible Society of Nigeria is to bridge this huge gap through the rapid translation of the Bible. Already, translation work is ongoing in Yungur, Izon, Eggon, Epie, Ogbia, Okpe, and Eleme language Bible. Translation is also ongoing in the Nigerian Sign Language Bible. However, this modest effort is still like a drop in the ocean. As more resources are made available, The Society will step up its efforts towards translating the Bible into more local languages.

We enjoin you to join hands with The Bible Society of Nigeria to achieve the successful translation of the Holy Bible into more indigenous languages. Kindly call Oludaisi on 08033672696 or email oludaisi@biblesociety-nigeria.org. God bless you.