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What Nigerians Need Now is Better Life, Not More Religion– CEO, The Bible Society of Nigeria

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The General Secretary and CEO of The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN), Pastor Samuel Sanusi while responding to stakeholders’ inquiries in Lagos recently said that what Nigerians need now is better life, not more religion.

Pastor Sanusi observed that most Nigerians irrespective of their religious leanings are currently living in pains associated with poverty and discomfort arising from lack of access to good quality education, appropriate housing, good medical care, employment opportunities and safe and secure neighbourhoods. He stated that he has not seen practitioners of any religion who are not groaning under the weight of those challenges and advised people in leadership positions at all levels to prioritise the welfare of Nigerians above all other interests and considerations.

Pastor Sanusi advised Nigerians to lead godly lives with focus on integrity, mercy, compassion, tolerance, sacrificial giving and leadership which are among the major tenets of holy living that the scriptures emphasise and the pillars on which prosperous societies stand.

He used the opportunity to confirm that the last time stakeholders had a meeting to determine the appropriate Hausa translation for ‘God’ was in the year 2018. He revealed that relevant conversations involving Bible scholars and language experts are ongoing and promised stakeholders that they would be informed of the outcome of such consultations. He maintained that the immediate preoccupation of The Bible Society of Nigeria was collaboration with people in positions of leadership to provide an enabling environment for Nigerians to lead lives that the scriptures envisage. Pastor Sanusi said that The Bible Society of Nigeria will continue to execute life-transforming programmes that will improve the welfare of Nigerians no matter the religions they practice. According to him, this would be the best way to demonstrate the love that is at the heart of the Christian Faith and eliminate the root causes of disharmony in the country. This, according to him, will minimize conflict and insecurity in Nigeria. He prayed for improved political governance which he believes will result in the prosperity that will make people channel their energies towards more progressive endeavours.

Benjamin Mordi

Manager, Media & Public Relations

Telephone: 08159094116

Email: mordi@biblesociety-nigeria.org

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