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The Bible Society of Nigeria

What Membership of The Bible Society Means to You.

Since its establishment on 8th February, 1966, The Bible Society of Nigeria has been actively engaged in the translation, publication and distribution of The Holy Bible in Nigeria. The Society also engages in activities that encourages Christians to engage with the Scriptures, while also raising funds to support these activities. The Holy Bible remains the main article of faith for Christians all over the world, hence everything must be done to propagate and defend it at all times. It is worthy to note that Nigerian Christians have not failed in this area. Since 1966, the Society has received support from Nigerian Christians and churches in various ways. Today, membership of the Bible Society of Nigeria cuts across all Christian denominations in all the states of the federation. There is high level of collaboration among Christian leaders and their laities to support the Bible cause through their Auxiliaries, Areas, Zones and National. Everyone is important within the Society’s ecosystem and the various contributions they make help to consolidate the kingdom work and evangelism in Nigeria. It can safely be stated that every Christian in Nigeria should be a member of the Bible Society of Nigeria. It is not just a necessity, it is a moral obligation. To subscribe as a member of the Bible Society of Nigeria, please contact Lucky on 08159094126 or email: lucky@biblesociety-nigeria.org