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The Bible Society of Nigeria

We Need to Mobilise Resources for Global Mission – Iderawumi

Pastor Abiodun Iderawumi, the Chairman of the 15th Founder’s Day Annual Lecture and Awards Ceremony organised by The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN), has underscored the vital role of the BSN in advancing the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. While delivering his opening remarks at the event, Pastor Iderawumi highlighted the importance of BSN’s partnership with churches in the fulfillment of this commission, primarily through the provision of Bibles crucial for soul-winning efforts. The chairman drew the attention of the attendees to global statistics, revealing that over a billion people worldwide are yet to hear the gospel, and 3.4 billion out of the 8 billion global population are still unreached for Christ.

Pastor Iderawumi expressed concern about the challenges confronting Nigeria, particularly in the North, where the gospel has not reached some areas. He questioned the faith of individuals in these unreached regions, and alluding to Romans 15:20, he stressed the importance of taking the gospel to every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

Pastor Iderawumi commended the BSN for its efforts in spreading the gospel by providing the Bible in various languages and formats. He also expressed disappointment in the perceived laxity of the audience in supporting the cause and emphasised the necessity for generous contributions.

Referencing Psalm 24:4 – “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof,” he said there are abundant resources to support the BSN’s noble cause. He shared an inspiration he received regarding the programme and urged all to give generously, assuring them of bountiful rewards both in this world and the world to come. Pastor Abiodun Iderawumi reiterated the urgency of the mission and called on all to play their part in ensuring that the gospel reaches every part of Nigeria and the world.