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Suicide is a desperate attempt to end a seemingly unbearable pain. Often blinded by feelings of self- hate, hopelessness, and isolation, a suicidal person cannot see any escape route except resorting to taking his life.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximately one million people die each year from suicide. The statistics is staggering. What drives so many individuals to take their lives, some have wondered? Those who are not depressed or in despair may not understand what drives many individuals to take their own lives. A suicidal person sees no other way out of his predicament than to take his life.


  • AVOID STRESS: Severe stress is one of the reasons people contemplate suicide. When you are overwhelmed with your workload or you are having issues with your family or friends, you may get to a breaking point. It is important you plan your work in such a way that you will not be stressed.
    Also do not bottled-up emotions. When you have an issue with a friend or family member, please resolve it before it gets out of hand. Seek counsel if it is something you cannot handle on your own. Luke 17: 3-4. As a young professional moving fast in your career, you need a mentor who will guide you into your desired future.
  • FRIENDSHIP: Keep friends who will encourage you to develop your potentials. Encouragement from friends will make you believe in yourself. ad friends will only make you miserable. If you are a student, you should not start an amorous relationship because you are still at the foundational stage of your life. An amorous relationship with the opposite sex should be avoided completely while you are still studying. Seek counsel from your parents, pastor or counselor, who will rightly guide you. 1 Cor. 15:33
  • DEAL WITH INFERIORITY COMPLEX: You are created in God’s own image. You are the only “you” God has created. No one should make you feel inferior. Believe in yourself. Have it in your sub-consciousness that you are wonderfully made. The fact that someone can do something better than you does not mean you are in any way inferior. You have your own area(s) of strength. Dig deep, discover and develop your potential. J Tim.4:12; Gen 1:27.
  • BE ENGAGED: As much as possible, keep yourself engaged. The devil makes work for idle hands. Even when you do not have any friend around you, find something good to keep you busy, so that you can avoid negative thoughts. Take up a vocation or acquire a skill to keep yourself engaged. 2 Thess. 3:11 – 12.
  • DO NOT GET ADDICTED: Avoid substance abuse. Use drugs only based on doctor’s prescription. Do not be addicted to anything. Do everything in moderation. Avoid watching violent movies as they may replay in your mind and may eventually become a thought line in your heart. (Visit our website at www.biblesociety-nigeria.org to read our article on Tips for Shunning Drug and Substance Abuse).
  • AVOID PEER PRESSURE: Do not allow anyone to put you under undue pressure. Never allow the financial or social status of your friends spur you to doing things that are untoward. Find out what is best for you and what you can handle. Gal 1:10.
  • FINANCIAL STRESS: Shun financial stress. Live within your means and do not borrow money just to please others. Do not get involved in gambling as it will lead you to financial stress. Luke 12.15.
  • THE GOD FACTOR: Always remember God owns your life and it is a sin to take it. No challenge should be big enough to make you contemplate suicide. God is enough for you, and He is counting on you to live out the life He has given to you and fulfill His purpose. Jer 29:11

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