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The Bible Society of Nigeria

Testimonies from our Trauma Healing Sessions

Some participants at our Trauma Healing Sessions share amazing testimonies of their lives transformation
The Trauma Healing has impacted my life so richly in the following ways:

a) I received healing from chronic unforgiveness. I was molested years ago and each time I remember this, I always feel bitter, I have held this in my heart for years. But during the trauma healing session, I came to understand that forgiveness is for my benefit and after nailing it at the cross, I felt better. It worked like magic. God took away the pain, bitterness and the feeling of revenge from me.

b) Before now I used to think that it was wrong to ask God questions (lament). I lost something precious to me in the year 2014 and that made me cry so much. It was as if God did not love me anymore and that made me to ask God several questions. I even stopped going to my church for some time. Since then, I have been feeling that God is not happy with me and some persons even said that I was behaving as if I was the first person that have experience such loss. During the healing session, we were told that it was ok to lament. Since then, I became relieved knowing that I did not commit any abomination by my actions and knowing that people relate to issues differently. I now know that God is not angry with me. My heart is free walking with God again. More importantly, I now know how to channel my lamentation better.
All thanks to our Trauma Healing Facilitators and to God Almighty for the knowledge given to them to carry out this exercise. May the Lord enlarge your coast in Jesus name. Amen!

I just want to use this medium to thank the organizers of this special program called trauma healing. I thank God for using this medium to heal me completely. I used to feel inferior and I believed that I could not do anything right. I was totally depressed and rejected. This affected every aspect of my life and I was thinking I was going to end my life one day by myself. Going through the Trauma Healing sessions changed all that. Whenever I remember the traumatic experiences I have gone through in the past, I no longer feel the pain the way I used to. During the session, I felt God speaking to my situations one after the other. I can now open up and talk freely about how I feel about anything. I now feel renewed and alive. I can say I have overcome all my initial fears. Thanks be to God.

There were some issues that I thought have been resolved and forgotten, but I realized during the Trauma Healing session that they were still fresh in my heart. I got to know during the course of the training that I have not let them go because I always remembered them with pains in my heart. Before now, whenever the issues were raised, I will say that they are forgotten. But now I can boldly say I have gotten over them as I am getting better and getting on daily basis. I have a troubled marriage. My husband is never there for me. I am living like a single person. I had been hurt so many times going through the challenges of my marriage. I was embittered towards my husband. Each time I remembered all I was going through all alone, I used to develop an intense pain in my chest. Then the right and left side of my head will be aching me seriously as if I should remove the head. These things I battled with for a long time until I came for the trauma healing session. From there, I learnt to forgive people and I dropped my pain at the cross. Ever since I attended the healing group, the excruciating pain in the chest and serious headache stopped. I have decided to move on with life.