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Testimonies and comments from beneficiaries of BSN Trauma Healing

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Victims of tragedies such as war, famine, domestic violence, abuses, etc are often on the edge. They lose hope, thinking that their worlds have ended. Through a Bible-based trauma healing programme, The Bible Society of Nigeria has been working with churches and communities across the country heling people to find healing to their wounds with the scripture.

To break the barrier posed by COVID-19 pandemic which restricted gathering of people, the BSN produced audio Trauma healing recording, which was aired on Metro FM, Lagos, Inspiration FM, Lagos, Radio Benue, Ashiwaves, Benue State and Love FM, Port Harcourt. Below are testimonies from some of the people who listened to the programme.

Tywase Cirve : Trauma Healing restored peace to my home

I had marital problem. My wife became very rude and arrogant towards me after I lost my job. I became frustrated because I could not fend for my family members. I became sad and violent. However, listening to the Tiv Audio Trauma Healing programme on Ashiwaves FM encouraged him to get in touch with the Trauma Healing Facilitator in charge and she started a one-on-one session with me.   My wife and I have reconciled and we are living a new life now.

The programme helped me forgive my wife, Nortswen Tersoo.

Nortswen Tersoo caught his wife with another man some years ago and it had been a wound in his heart since then. He said, “It became very difficult getting along with my wife, even when I wanted everything to look normal. I got to realize during the course of these audio lectures that she had been traumatized all along. It was always difficult for her to look at me in the face and she was miserable each time anyone mentioned the incident. I got relieved listening to this programme and also felt it was time to forgive her and move on since she had realized her mistake. God bless the organizers of this programme.” – Nortswen Tersoo. Anyiin, Benue State.

Tiv Audio Trauma Healing makes life easier for children born out of rape.

Children born out of rape have been victims of stigmatization and cruelty in their various communities and their churches. We want to appreciate the BSN for making life easier for these children by adding this topic to its Trauma Healing module. You cannot imagine the kind of pains they were going through before Trauma Healing. Anonymous

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