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The Bible Society of Nigeria

Restored Hearing: Ngusha's Miraculous Journey with End-to-End

… “I was partially deaf, now I can hear” – Mrs. Ngusha

Mrs. Rahadi Ngusha, a resilient farmer from Iourough in the Buruku Local Government Area of Benue State, has shared her remarkable story of triumph over partial deafness after taking part in the End-to-End programme organised by The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN).

Three years ago, Mrs. Ngusha’s life took a dramatic turn when she became seriously ill. Weeks of suffering left her with a haunting realisation — she could no longer hear. She found herself straining to catch even the faintest sounds, and her loved ones had to raise their voices or move their mouths close to her ears whenever they wanted to speak to her.

The impact was profound, as she recalled, “I was devastated. I had always been an active member of my community, but after this incident, I felt like I was cut off from the rest of the world. I spent a lot of money searching for a solution, visiting different hospitals and clinics in search of a cure. But no matter how much I spent, nothing seemed to work. As time went by, I became more and more depressed. I felt like a burden on my family and friends.”

One fateful day, she turned to Pastor Nyikwagh Ukum, confiding in him about her struggles with hearing loss and the profound impact it had had on her life. In response, the pastor offered counsel, prayers, and introduced her to a device that changed her life – the Proclaimer, an audio Bible device provided by the BSN.

For over an hour, Pastor Nyikwagh held the device to her ear, and though initially unremarkable, Mrs. Ngusha soon experienced an astonishing sensation — a strange awakening within her ear. By divine intervention, her hearing was restored, and she could clearly perceive a voice reading the Bible to her in her native Tiv language through the device. It was a miracle that filled her heart with uncontainable joy and gratitude.

Mrs. Ngusha’s transformation astounded her community. They could not believe she had overcome years of silent struggle to hear. In response to the miracle, she eagerly joined an audio Bible listening group, embracing her renewed sense of connection and spirituality.

Mrs. Ngusha’s journey from silence to sound is a testament to the impact of End-to-End, a programme that does not only restore hearing but also hope and faith to those in need.

End-to-End, an initiative by The Bible Society of Nigeria, stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking to engage with the Proclaimer — an audio Bible device in their preferred languages. It is opened for sponsorship and participation to those moved by stories like Mrs. Ngusha’s. If you wish to be part of this transformative programme, reach out to The Bible Society of Nigeria at info@biblesociety-nigeria.org or call: 08159094116.