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The Bible Society of Nigeria

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New Bible Heroes Emerge in BSN’s Secondary School Competition

As part of efforts aimed at encouraging secondary school students to engage with the word of God, The Bible Society of Nigeria held the grand finale of the National Secondary School Bible Competition in Lagos on Friday, November 18, 2022. The event, which was the 19th edition in a row, saw students of Penny International College, Lagos emerge as new Bible heroes in the keenly contested competition, as they clinched the 1st position, among 14 participants from 7 seven schools across the nation.
The competition is an incentive to students in Nigerian secondary schools to stimulate interest and deepen their knowledge of the Bible, while also highlighting the need for the youngsters to imbibe Bible culture and principles which have been proven to be the best and surest way to achieving true success in life.
In a society where many youths have sauntered into the pathway of all manner of vices ranging from pornography to violent crimes, examination malpractices and obscenities, the General Secretary of The Bible Society of Nigeria, Pastor Samuel Sanusi, said, at the event, that he was optimistic that the competition would continue to draw many youths closer to God and thereby foster moral rectitude in the society.