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The Bible Society of Nigeria


Currently, we have the complete Bible in 26 Nigerian Languages out of over 500 languages in Nigeria, while translation or revision work is going in other local languages.

It takes a minimum of twelve (12) years and over forty million Naira (₦40,000,000.00) to complete a language translation project. For the 11 ongoing projects, the Bible Society of Nigeria needs ₦500m to see projects through, while many more are awaiting consideration. The languages in translation/review as at now are Okun, Hausa Ajami,Edo Bible Revision, Eggon, Yungur and Old Yoruba Review.

Using the KJV as a sample, we have 66 books in the Holy Bible; 1,189 chapters; 31,102 verses and 783,137 words, with approximately average translation cost of ₦606,060; ₦33,365, ₦1,286 and ₦50: per Book, Chapter, Verse and a word of the Bible respectively.

Give a minimum of ₦50 & be a part of our translation!