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The Bible Society of Nigeria

Excitement, joy as new Yoruba Bible debuts

Making the Word of God more understandable, enjoyable and interactive are some of the key objectives driving our work at The Bible Society of Nigeria.

This is what informed the production of the much-awaited Yoruba Bible, Bibeli Mimo Tuntun, which many say, is indeed, first of its kind. Bibeli Mimo Tuntun, written in the most simple and appealing language style, expectedly brought joy and excitement to its readers when it was released into the market on Wednesday April 27, 2022 by The Bible Society of Nigeria in Lagos. The Bible can be understood by anyone with basic understanding of the Yoruba language, particularly the youth as they no longer have to worry about the burden of interpreting otherwise complex words or phrases which usually characterizes most language Bibles. Its unique features are a collection of Bible verses that deal with achieving success, handling various life challenges and making cross-references. Other features include the words of Jesus Christ in red, explanation of key words, a comprehensive index of useful resources and guide for daily study. This is arguably the best thing to happen to the Yoruba speaking community in recent times and we are excited, just as they are, in making the word of God available in the most preferred language and format so that more and more Nigerian Christians can be empowered to make positive global impact.