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How Are People Affected by this virus

Reflection questions

  1. In what ways do people feel helpless during this COVID-19 virus crisis?
  2. What kinds of fears does COVID-19 bring out in people?
  3. What kinds of losses do people experience with COVID-19?
  4. What are the effects of isolating yourself from other people?
Share feedback and then add anything relevant from the list below that has not already been mentioned:
  1. Helplessness: Loss of agency or voice, loss of control over one’s life. Being a victim of something unexpected and beyond one’s control. The world does not make sense. Not knowing who or what to believe.
  2. Fears: People may fear death, or change, or loss of job, home, way of life, or sense of purpose. People who test positive for the virus or those who are from groups with high infection rates may fear being stigmatized by others. People may fear being unable to get medical care for themselves or their loved ones. They may fear overreacting or under-reacting.
  3. Loss: People may lose jobs, income, homes, contact with loved ones. People they know and love may die, with no opportunity for farewells or funerals. Events they had been looking forward to may be canceled. They lose the predictable rhythm of life.
  4. Isolation: People may feel depressed, lonely, worried, angry, suicidal, trapped, or bored. Those who have to stay at home with family members in close quarters may feel crowded or harassed. These emotions may take all their energy and leave them feeling tired all the time. Some of these feelings may continue long after the quarantine is over.
Everyone will feel stress during this time. People who are overwhelmed by their feelings of helplessness, fear, loss, and the effects of isolation may feel traumatized. Do not be surprised if the pain of other things you experienced in the past returns at this time.

Reflection question

What is the most difficult part of this situation for you?

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