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Samuel Abiodun

How an idolatrous Oba became an advocate of Christianity

Mr. Samuel Abiodun, JP is a Nigerian who has lived in London, United Kingdom for over 20 years, but visits home regularly. He has a unique ministry of giving Bibles out as souvenirs and has done it for over 15 years. According to him, he does not give money as a gift to people because he believes that there is no amount of money you will give to people that will solve all their problems. Mr. Abiodun said, only the word of God can meet all one’s needs, so, he prefers to sow the word of God into the lives of people.
He disclosed that several years ago, the wife of the Owale of Ikare, Oba S K Adedoyin, a prominent Oba in Ondo State celebrated her 80th birthday. In his usual manner, he customised copies of the Bible which were distributed as souvenirs to the guests at the occasion. According to him, one of the Obas, Oba Ade Okon (not real name) who was a guest at the event took a copy reluctantly and carelessly threw it at a corner in his room.
After some time, Oba Okon started looking for his deity without success. Oba Okon who testified at a programme of the Council of Obas in Ondo State after his conversion to Christianity said that he sweated, cursed, and shouted while looking for the deity. After some days of unsuccessful search, he picked up the Bible where he threw it and discovered that it had fallen on the deity.
Speaking further, Mr. Samuel Abiodun said that the Oba discovered that his deity was no longer as ‘effective’ as it used to be. The surprised and worried Oba confided in one of his friends about what had happened to him. To his surprise, his friend advised him to try the power in the word of God since it was able to render his deity impotent. The Oba said he took his friend’s advice hesitantly but later discovered that word of God is, indeed, more powerful.
The Oba gave his life to Christ and directed that no diabolic exercise should be carried out in his palace anymore. Thereafter, he began to preach to his fellow Obas. He also took further step to testify among other Obas about how his life was transformed after a copy of the Bible was given to him.
Speaking further, Mr. Abiodun said, “I customised 50 copies of the Bible as souvenirs during the burial of a 49-year-old man. People were contributing money, but I said I was not going to contribute money. When the Bible was distributed, it did not get to all the guests and those who could not receive insisted they must be given.”
He said that when he was notified of the development, he quicky bought and customised additional 15 copies and sent them to the family to distribute. “I have lost count of how many copies of the Bible I have given out or where the Bibles were distributed, I do it everywhere without counting the cost. I did for a hospital in Sango Ota, Ogun State where my son had his first son. Every bed there has a copy of the Bible placed on it,” he added.
“When people ask me for money, I give them Bible, because I believe the Bible can transform their lives. There is no amount of money you will give that will be enough, but the word of God can give you much more than what money can buy. I have a sense of fulfilment when people take the Bibles and read them. I believe that as they engage with the Bible, they will internalize it, which will eventually lead to the transformation of their lives and society will be better for it,” Mr. Abiodun said.
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