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The Bible Society of Nigeria

Healing Streams from BSN’s Marathon Bible Reading Programme

…as participants share testimonies of healing, salvation, and deliverance
The recently concluded Marathon Bible Reading is an eloquent testimony of the healing power in the Word of God. Here are some of the testimonies from those that participated in the week-long event.
  • Restoration of Sight
    “When I attended the 2021 edition of the Marathon Bible Reading, I could not read the Bible due to sight problems. The Centre Coordinator prayed for me that day and since that day till this time, I have been able to read without glasses. I am here again at the 2022 Marathon Bible Reading, and I can read without glasses again! Hallelujah!!!” – Mrs. Adeyemo Omowumi (from Griffin Memorial Reading Centre).

  • Divine Intervention
    I bless the name of the Lord for His faithfulness to my family. It happened that we bought a piece of land from a man who later said he was not selling it again. He did not refund the money and told us not to get there again. We’ve tried all we could to get our money back, but it proved abortive. The man in question was supposed to have refunded the money in December 2021, but to God’s glory, the day we were supposed to present this case in court was the day we started the Marathon Bible Reading, which was on the 5th of September. My husband and I attended the programme, but he left before me. At exactly 1.00 pm, he called me to tell me that the man had paid him the money. Glory be to God – Mrs. Ajayi, Mary O. from First ECWA Church, Omu Aran Kwara State.

  • Healing
    I thank God for healing me during the Marathon Bible Reading. I have had this severe pain in my leg which has made me uncomfortable for a while now. My encounter with the word of God brought about a sudden healing in my leg as I no longer feel the pain anymore – Elder Awolaye Gabriel Oladuntoye, from First ECWA Church, Omu Aran, Kwara State.