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The Bible Society of Nigeria

Harmony in Words: The Ogbia Bible Translation Project

A profound transformation is taking place in Ogbia, a vibrant community with a rich culture, diverse languages, and colourful traditions in Bayelsa state. This new wave of transformation is occasioned by the initiation of the Ogbia Bible Translation Project which is aimed at taking the life-changing message of the Holy Bible to the Ogbia speakers in their mother tongue.

The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN), with its unwavering commitment to making the Holy Bible accessible to all Nigerians, recognised the significance of reaching the Ogbia community in their preferred language. This project is not just a translation endeavour; it is a bridge to connect the people with the Word of God and its transformative power.

The ambitious project unfolded in two phases. The first phase was dedicated to the translation and production of the New Testament which was heartily received at its dedication by the Ogbia speakers in September 2020. The impact of the Ogbia New Testament was immediate and profound. As the Ogbia speakers held the Bible in their hands, a sense of joy and reverence filled the air. For the first time, the sacred Word of the Bible spoke to them directly in their heart language, breaking down barriers and fostering a deeper understanding of their faith.

Ogbia team during TC checking with Dr. Misheck. Dr. Uloma and ICAP officer, Mr. Sampson Izibekien.

However, the Ogbia Bible Translation Project did not stop there. The second phase was set in motion immediately – comprehensive translation and production of the full Bible in Ogbia language. The mission is not just to provide fragments of the Scripture but to present the entire narrative of God’s love, wisdom, and redemption.

As the project moved forward, it became clearer that the translated Scriptures would not just reveal the mind of God to Ogbia speakers but also foster a renewed interest to learn and embrace the language in them.
The Ogbia Bible Translation Project is a testament to the BSN’s commitment to transforming lives through the power of God’s Word. The once-silent pages of the Holy Bible in the Ogbia community now echo with the vibrancy of a language that speaks directly to the souls of its people. The translation of the entire Bible into the Ogbia language is ongoing but the seed of transformation has already taken root, promising a future where the Word of God would continue to flourish in the heart of this vibrant community.

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