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The Bible Society of Nigeria

Dispute resolved through Bible Week theme

Pastor Isaac Edet Uwem, the Apostle in charge of The Apostolic Church Nigeria, Satellite District, Apapa Area, has testified of how God used the theme of The Bible Society of Nigeria’s (BSN) 2022 Bible Week celebration, Jesus, our burden bearer, to bring solution to a disagreement within a family.

He explained that an incident which required his attention and intervention, happened in a family in one of the assemblies under his jurisdiction.
“I was wondering what to say when I get there, concerning the weight of what had happened. I was inspired to speak on the theme of the Bible Week, Jesus, our burden bearer. I concluded that I was not going to bear the burden, but Jesus will do that,” he stated.

According to him, he prepared a message on Jesus, the burden-bearer, which he ministered to the church.

Pastor Uwem said, “It was as if a big burden was lifted off the church. When we gathered to discuss the issue, the principal actors in the matter said, ‘God, has already taken charge of the disagreement, since Jesus is our burden bearer.’ I was so excited. I benefited from the theme of The Society’s Bible Week celebration, and I can still see God working through this theme. I thank God for the inspiration given to the leadership of the BSN to choose that theme. I can say it was for the purpose of that family. He lifted the burden that was in that family, and joy and hope were restored to the glory of God.”