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What is COVID-19 ?

COVID-19 is the disease caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2, a new type of coronavirus. Some other members of the coronavirus family that you might know are the common cold and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). This group of viruses are often connected with the crossover of animal viruses to humans. The new virus has caused a pandemic; it is not only a local problem but is spreading throughout the world. It is extremely contagious and can lead to death.


Read the following statements and write down whether you think the statement is true or false. Then go over the correct answers that are at the end of the lesson. See how many answers you know.
  1. The main symptoms of COVID-19 disease are fever, a dry cough, and breathing problems.
  2. You can catch COVID-19 from someone who does not have any symptoms.
  3. Young people do not need to worry about being infected by the virus.
  4. Everyone who catches COVID-19 dies from it.
  5. The only way to be completely sure you are not infected by the virus is to isolate yourself from others.
  6. Being hospitalized is the only way to heal from this disease.
  7. You should not hug your children any more to avoid getting the virus.
  8. Wearing a face mask is the best way to keep from being infected by the virus.
  9. If quarantined, a strong Christian will rejoice without ceasing and will always be content.

Reflection questions

  1. What do people in your community say about COVID-19?
  2. How does this compare to what you have just learned?
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