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The Bible Society of Nigeria

Bible Societies complete Scripture translations for over 1.25 billion people

Since 2018, the United Bible Societies (UBS) Fellowship has remained focused on a vision to complete 1,200 Scripture translations by 2038. The progress made thus far is inspiring, with 160 translations already completed and an additional 442 currently in progress. Work has not begun on 598 translations, requiring the ongoing commitment and faithfulness of Bible Societies and their supporters.

This vision reflects the dedication of the UBS Fellowship to ensure that sacred texts are accessible to an even broader spectrum of communities globally. As they navigate through this extensive undertaking, the Fellowship remains steadfast in its vision to make the Bible available to everyone in their preferred languages and formats.

If you desire to be a Bible translation partner to ensure that the Bible is translated for Nigerians in their preferred languages and formats, please send your donation to: The Bible Society of Nigeria through Zenith Bank, 1010110950 or GT Bank, 0003723620. You can also visit our website: www.biblesociety-nigeria.org or send an email to: info@biblesociety-nigeria.org, or call the Editor on 08159094116 for any enquiry.