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Sower Magazine April to June 2023

We are in a very critical time when the existence of man is characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and disruptive events. These events manifest in various forms – political, economic, socio-cultural, pandemic, wars, natural disasters in diverse places, etc. Managing an enterprise in times like these has undoubtedly become a herculean task across all fields of human endeavour as every organisation is struggling to survive. Therefore, to achieve more and succeed, everyone must team up as it is said, “Together Everyone Achieves More”. This is a time for synergistic efforts and total reliance on God for direction.

Sower (April – June 2019)

The life of our Lord Jesus Christ was a fulfillment of prophecies by Old Testament prophets, angels and even Jesus Christ Himself. After the fall of humankind (Genesis 3), God demonstrated His love to us by making a provision for … Download

Sower (January- March 2019)

Igbobi College, Fed. Govt. College, Ijanikin Students with Visual Disability Win Bible Competitions Don’t allow nepotism, ethnicity influence your voting decision, says Prof. Ajayi. Let’s do MORE for the less PRIVILEGED – Rev Felix Meduoye. The Bible is my strength – Mrs. Deborah Samuel Healthy Living: Medicinal Properties of Certain Fruits…. Download