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The Bible Society of Nigeria

Bible Society reaches 10,695 people with God’s word, wins 1,675 souls in three months

Determined to make the Word of God available to everyone in the language and format of their choice, The Bible Society of Nigeria reached 10,695 people with the word of God and won 1,675 souls between April and June this year.
The feat was achieved through one of The Society’s projects called, “End-to-End”. During the period, the Jesus film was shown 42 times at different viewing centres to 5,675 people, while the audio Bible, the Proclaimer, was listened to 488 times at different centres by 5,020 people. The Society also opened 75 new audio Bible listening centres. A listening cenre is a place where people go to listen to the word of God in their preferred languages.
The End-to-End project involves watching the Jesus film, listening to the audio Bible device, and distributing free Bibles to converts won through the project. Churches and ministries that partner with the BSN receive projectors, and the Proclaimers in different languages, while every new convert receives a copy of the Bible for free.
In the last five years The Bible Society of Nigeria has given out over 100 projectors to churches and ministries involved in this project, 6,000 copies of free Bibles to new converts, and three churches have been planted.

If you desire to support this project, which has been imparting lives or seek more information, kindly call 08159094116 or send an email to: info@biblesociety-nigeria.org