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The Bible Society of Nigeria

Bible Society intensifies literacy campaign in Epie, Ogbia

As Bible translation into Ogbia and Epie Languages enters the advanced stage, The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) has launched full-scale literacy programmes in Epie and Ogbia Languages in Bayelsa State.
Epie literacy class
The latest effort by the translation team of the two projects is the ongoing literacy classes in State School 1, Onuebum Community in Ogbia Local Government Area with the pupils in classes 4 – 6, and Epie literacy class which is taking place at Modern Primary School, Boigbolo-Yenizue also in classes 4 – 6.

This project is aimed at helping the people read and write in the two languages so they will be able to engage with the Ogbia and Epie Bibles when they are published. The second phase of the literacy classes will focus on adults in the two communities. The BSN commenced Bible translation into the two languages in 2015 and dedicated the New Testament in the two languages in 2020.