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The Bible Society of Nigeria

Bible House Project: A Testament to Divine Support and BSN’s Perseverance


The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) has been devotedly committed to fulfilling its mandate of making the Word of God available and affordable to Nigerians in their preferred languages and formats. Since its establishment, The Society has been undertaking numerous initiatives, including Bible translation and distribution as well as organising literacy programmes to promote biblical knowledge and values.

However, this herculean task can only be achieved in the most conducive environment. This is the reason the organisation has been working assiduously to have a new Bible House as the space it presently occupies is rather too small for its large workforce and operations. The proposed Bible House will serve as the nerve centre of The Society with befitting office spaces, a Bible resource centre, conference facilities, a museum dedicated to the rich history of the Bible in Nigeria, and many more.

Since 2019, the BSN has been diligently raising funds for this ambitious project, aiming to raise N2.2 billion. Though The Society’s resolve to raise the budget has been tested by the COVID-19 pandemic and unforeseen economic challenges, The Society remains unshaken in the pursuit of its dream of a Bible House.

The BSN’s unwavering faith in God, strong belief in the divine provision, and perseverance is yielding the desirable results through donations by its generous kingdom partners and donors. This is a proof that the divine hand is guiding our endeavours as we work tirelessly to bring all Nigerians to the saving grace of God by giving them unhindered access to His Word.

The BSN has also secured government approval to demolish the existing structure on it. The demolition will signal the transformational phase of the Bible House project, paving the way for a new, state-of-the-art facility that suits The Society’s standard and size. Glory be to God!

The realisation of the new Bible House will undoubtedly serve as a beacon of hope, knowledge, and faith for generations to come.

We need more funds for the next phase of this noble cause. For partnership on this project, kindly contact Samuel Sanusi on 08159094111 or sanusi@biblesociety-nigeria.org.